How to Have Amazing Windows on Any Budget

4 Reasons Why You Should Install Security Mesh Windows on Your Property

by Landon Ferguson

Windows are a great addition to every home because they bring natural light and fresh air into the house. Functional windows can also minimise the amount of money you spend on air conditioning, depending on the type and insulation level that you choose. 

However, most glass windows come with a limitation. Since they are an opening on the wall, and they have glass panes burglars see them as a weak point through which they can access your home. Around 23% of burglars gain access to homes through first-floor windows. Luckily, you can resolve this problem by installing security mesh windows on your property. Here are four reasons to make this investment:

1. They Boost Security

Security mesh window designers use materials like steel that have high tensile strength. A mesh made from stainless steel is strong enough to withstand external forces from people trying to break in. Thus, windows that have the mesh fitted are robust. They withstand a lot of force from vandals and thieves before caving in. In addition, if you add an alarm system to the mesh windows, nobody will successfully break into your home without getting noticed.

2. They Prevent Storm Damage

If you live in places prone to storms and rough weather, then you will be concerned about your home's safety all the time. Window glass can easily shatter due to high-speed winds and flying debris, which compromise your safety and increase your home's maintenance costs. The good thing about steel mesh is that it can withstand storms. Therefore, it is an invaluable addition that keeps your home safe during the storm. 

3. They Heighten Privacy 

The previous versions of security screens did not allow the flow of light inside the house. However, the current window screens can offer you a clear view of the outside. Even so, they do not allow outsiders to discern what is happening indoors. This arrangement makes it easy to get the levels of light that you want inside your home without compromising your privacy. 

4. They Help Save Energy

It is prudent to think about the level of insulation that your windows offer before settling on a given model. Mesh windows block the rays of the sun from penetrating your house. They also prevent heat from escaping, minimising your heating and cooling expenses.

Consider installing security mesh windows to accrue the above benefits. Engage a window installation professional if you need help selecting the right windows.