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Three Signs Your Security Door Needs Repair Or Replacement

by Landon Ferguson

When moving into a new home, it is not unusual to find items that require repair or replacement. When making a list of these items, priority must be given to those repairs which impact the safety and security of the family. A security door, for example, is one such item that deserves priority repair because it protects both your family members and your belongings. But how do you quickly identify that the security door needs repair or replacement? A great place to start is to inspect your security door for these three signs of weakness.

Rust Or Corrosion  

A security door is strong and designed to withstand impact, but it still has a finite lifespan because it is outside the home and exposed to weather elements. Security doors and their frames are powder-coated to provide a protective barrier over the metal. If the powder coat is breached, then rust and corrosion weaken the exposed metal. If the rust or corrosion is around integral parts of the door, for example, the hinges, then this weakness may be exploited by someone wanting to enter your home. If you notice your security door has such a weakness, have it professionally inspected to see if repair is an option. If repairs are not viable, then replacement must be made. 

Slamming Door

A slamming door is problematic because it poses a potential danger to small children and pets. Generally, when a security door closes quickly and slams shut it is because the closing mechanism is damaged. Older style security doors had oil-based closers and if the oil has leaked away, there is no pressure to slow the door's progress. A heavy security door hitting a small child or pet may cause bruising or even broken bones. If your security door does not close in a slow, controlled manner, then have it professional inspected to see if the closing mechanism requires repair or replacement.

Damaged Screens

One of the most obvious signs a security door needs replacement is a damaged screen. Once the screen is punctured, then integrity is diminished as enlarging the hole is easy. A screen door with a damaged screen must be replaced to provide a sense of security. Modern security doors contain mesh that cannot be ripped or torn and this offers your household the ultimate protection.

After inspecting the security home of your home, do not hesitate to contact a security door specialist to discuss any concerns you have. The sooner this part of the home is strengthened, the more peace of mind you will have.