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Reasons to Instal a Home Skylight

by Landon Ferguson

You can transform your home by installing skylights in the ceiling, giving rooms a unique ambience. Here are several reasons to undertake this kind of upgrade.

Reduce Artificial Lighting

Because of its upwards orientation, a skylight can capture up to three times the light of a similar-sized vertical window. So it will reduce reliance on artificial light sources, making a building more energy-efficient.

In any case, some areas, such as hallways, may not have an exterior wall to hold a vertical window. A skylight offers a solution for these regions. Skylights also give freedom in architectural design as each room doesn't need to rely on exterior walls and standard windows.


A skylight is an excellent option if you want to protect your privacy. They help in bathrooms, as you don't usually have to worry about neighbours gazing downwards on your house from above, though this depends on whether you live next to a multi-story building. A skylight can also help if your home fronts a busy street or neighbours' windows.

Ventilating Skylights

Hot air naturally rises and tends to gather around the ceiling. A ventilating skylight is ideal for letting stale air drift outside, keeping your home fresher. You might install an openable skylight in a bathroom to remove humid and steamy air or fit one in the kitchen to eliminate food odours.

Heat Transfer

Like vertical windows, skylights can provide a spot where summer heat can infiltrate your house and winter warmth can escape. But you can use glazing techniques to prevent this, just like you can with standard windows. For example, install a tinted skylight that blocks a portion of ultraviolet rays.

You can also fit double-glazed skylights, constructed using two panes of glass set with a space in between. The double panes and inter-gap create a barrier that heat finds hard to cross.

Another way to make a skylight more energy efficient is to fit roller blinds that you can move with a remote control device, which will help you control heat transfer. A skylight itself can also be automated, so you can open and close it even though it is on the ceiling. Skylights can also be fitted with rain sensors to close automatically should the weather turn. So you won't have to worry if you forget to close the skylight, as it will look after itself and respond to the conditions. With these options, your home will be more comfortable regardless of the weather.

To learn more, contact contractors who install skylights