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3 Reasons to Add Tints to Your Office Windows

by Landon Ferguson

Creating the perfect working environment isn't just about designing your interior office space; you also need to think about the impact of the outside of your building. For example, while you may not put much thought into your office windows, they can affect your employees, their productivity and your bottom line.

Installing window tinting on your office windows has some benefits that help create better working environments. What are they?

1. Protection Without Loss of Light

Even sun lovers can get hot and bothered if the sun streams through the windows they sit next to as they work. Sitting next to unprotected windows on hot summer days can also be harmful. Employees who have window seats, and anyone exposed to direct sunlight as they work may take in more harmful UV rays than they should. While you can install blinds to cut out the sun, this darkens your office and reduces natural light.

If you put solar UV tints on your windows, then these tints cut out some of the harmful effects of the sun. Light still comes into the room, creating a more pleasant working environment, but you give your employees extra protection.

2. Enhanced Productivity

Ideally, you want to make it easy for your staff to do their jobs; having to squint to read a screen for part of the day doesn't help. If your employees have to deal with bright sunshine streaming into your office, they may find it hard to work effectively. Sunlight bouncing off computers may make it hard to see screens. If people have trouble reading screens, then they may develop problems such as eye strain and headaches, for example. You may then lose time to sick days. Window tints reduce glare in your office. The tints cut out enough of the sun to make working on screens easier and more comfortable.

3. Better Thermal Efficiency

Window tints may also save your company some money. They may reduce your energy usage and, therefore, your costs. For example, untinted windows will pull heat into your office on hot days. You may need to keep your air conditioner on a lot of the time to cool things down. However, if you install thermal tinting on your windows, then these tints deflect some of the sun's heat.

This keeps things cooler inside so that you may not need to have your air conditioning on as much or at your current high levels. This may reduce your power bills. Office window tinting companies can tell you more about the benefits of tints. They can also help you choose and install the right tints for your needs.