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Two Reasons to Put Exterior Shutters Over the Single-Glazed Windows of the Property You've Bought

by Landon Ferguson

If the property you've just bought has single-glazed windows that you don't want to replace with double-glazed ones (because, for example, these windows are beautiful old ones that date back several centuries), you should get exterior shutters for them. Here are two reasons why you should do this.

They could protect the windows during storms

Whilst your old windows may look beautiful, they might not be as effective at withstanding stormy weather as double-glazed panes are. If you know that stormy weather is a common occurrence in the area you've moved to, you should get exterior shutters for all of your new home's windows.

The reason for this is that these shutters could protect the windows and keep them intact during storms. For example, if the wind flings a twig or a stone at your window, these objects would be prevented from cracking or scratching your home's fragile windows by the shutters. You would then be spared the cost of getting these windows fixed.

If you get exterior shutters for this purpose, you must buy robust ones that won't get chipped or scratched. You could, for example, opt for solid-wood shutters that are thickly coated with a high-quality varnish or metal ones with a scratch-resistant coating.

They could compensate for some of the heat loss the single-glazed windows cause

One of the issues with single-glazed windows is that they are very ineffective at preventing heat loss. This can make your home feel chilly, no matter how long you keep the heating on and the windows closed for, and can lead to you paying astronomically high energy bills. If you've already noticed this issue or you suspect you'll experience it when winter rolls around, you should get exterior shutters.

Whilst they will not stop all of the heat loss that the single-glazed windows cause, they will reduce it quite a bit and make your home tolerably warm without you having to keep your heating on constantly. Because of this, you should find that your energy bills in this property don't become unreasonably large and that you don't have to resort to other heating methods (like using hot water bottles or portable heaters) to stay warm.

If you get shutters to prevent heat loss, you should choose ones that don't have big gaps between their slats (so that the heat won't escape through these openings) and that have a secure lock so they'll stay firmly closed, even when it's windy.