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Reasons to Install Venetian Blinds Around Your Home

by Landon Ferguson

If you're looking for window coverings for the home, one possibility is Venetian blinds that consist of multiple louvres. To discover reasons to install these in your place, consider the following points.

Diverse Colours

Venetian blinds provide plenty of colour options for you to harmonise them with your home. Aluminium, timber, and PVC blinds come in hues such as white, charcoal, beige, blue and other shades. Or else, let stained timber Venetians show off a natural wood grain for a rustic ambience. 

When picking a colour, consider the wall, window trim and overall room palette. You could fit blinds that match the wall for a seamless look — white on white — or you could create contrast with bold blue or dark grey blinds against cream walls. Another possibility is to match the windows by installing white blinds in a room with white window trim and beige walls.

Different Aesthetics

The look of particular Venetian blinds arises not only from their colour but also from their material. Aluminium can flatter a modern or utilitarian decor, while raw timber creates a cosy feel, while real or faux wood creates a classic, crisp ambience. Additionally, the louvres can be thin blades or thicker slats that mimic the look of plantation shutters. 

Suits All Rooms

Venetian blinds suit all rooms of the home. Water resilient faux wood using PVC can go in bathrooms and kitchens, where timber would otherwise perish in the moist and humid conditions. You'll create a pleasing uniformity around the home by installing consistent window coverings.

Adaptive Lighting

The series of louvres within Venetian blinds allow you to adapt the room lighting to suit your purposes, making it bright for working on the computer or dim to watch TV, for example. You can pull the blinds up completely to reveal the bare window and enjoy the view. Otherwise, you can angle the blades in different ways to filter the light or aim it upwards and away from furnishings to prevent fading. Alternatively, you can open it at the widest possible angle whilst leaving the blind down. 

You can also control the airflow and privacy in the room by altering the blades. Other window coverings, such as roller blinds or curtains, offer less versatility as you can pull them open or closed. Still, you can't adjust the light direction and strength in the same way you can with multiple louvres on hand.