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What to Think About When Getting a Security Door to Make it as Secure as Possible

by Landon Ferguson

There are many measures you can take to prevent a break in. The most fragile points in your house are the openings. Doors and windows can easily be manipulated by a skilled burglar to let them into your house. Therefore, it is important that these weak spots are considered when designing a security system for your home. A security door is an investment that could save your house from being broken into. So what do you consider when getting a security door?

Door type

The worst type of door you can use for security purposes is a hollow wood door. It's very light and can easily be kicked in. If you want a wooden door, you should rather go with a solid wooden door. It's more expensive, but looks the same as a hollow wooden door, with the quality that it's so heavy and solid that it will be very hard to break. Another option that is even more secure is to get a solid metal door installed, as they are nearly impossible to break even with tools.

Door frames

A security door is, however, never as strong as its frame. If you have a solid metal door, but it's complemented with an ordinary wooden frame, it's still rather easy for a burglar to pry it open. Getting a door frame with steel stripping, covered in wood, can increase the safety of your security door tremendously. To house the lock, you should also get a reinforced box strike installed as a part of your frame.


The most important component of a security door is inevitably the lock. A burglar might not be able to pry or kick a door open if you have a solid door with a steel stripped frame, but they might be able to manipulate the lock so that they simply can just walk into your home without any effort. Getting a deadbolt lock can help you secure your door against any types of break-in attempts.

The main characteristic of a deadbolt lock is that it extends into the door frame further than an ordinary lock, making it difficult to open if the door frame also is reinforced. More expensive types of deadbolt locks are also equipped with more cylinders to make it a lot more difficult to get them opened without the proper key. 

Contact your local company that manufactures security doors to get full details of what to get for your home. Many companies include the door, door frame, and the lock when they're proposing different security door solutions, and will install them properly for you.