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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bifold Doors

by Landon Ferguson

Bi-fold doors are made up of two opposite facing doors broken into folding segments. Unlike traditional doors, they can be folded together to create a large space. Here are several reasons why the bi-fold door is your door design of choice.

1.    They Help Conserve Energy

Bi-fold doors are energy efficient. The door frames on both aluminium and uPVC types lose little heat due to their insulation. The double and triple glazed glass used in bi-fold doors provides further insulation increasing energy efficiency. The use of weather-tight seals on the frames ensures that once you draw the doors together, they prevent any draught.

2.    They Are Wheelchair Friendly

Where accessibility is a crucial consideration, a bi-fold door design makes for a superior choice. They have a lower threshold than other door types which makes movement more accessible for wheelchair users.

3.    They Are Not High Maintenance

The aluminium bi-fold door doesn't demand rigorous attention when it comes to maintenance. Since aluminium doesn't rust or warp, it can last for a long time without requiring significant touch-ups. It does not need any additional varnishing or painting after installation; just a regular dusting from time to time.

4.    They Offer Flexibility

Bi-fold doors are quite flexible due to their design. They can be entirely drawn to open up a large entryway should that be necessary, for example on hot summer days when you want to let cool air in. You also have the option of a traffic door which operates just like a traditional door should you prefer that.

5.    They Enhance Your View of the Surroundings

Bi-fold doors can feature large glass panels which afford you an expansive view of the outdoors at any given time. You can install them at the rear of your property or the side to maintain privacy while still having a breathtaking view of the outside world.

6.    They Are Good for the Environment

Aluminium bi-fold doors can be recycled multiple times, meaning they won't have as large of an impact on the environment.


Flexible doors that regulate traffic flow in and out of a home are a great asset to a property's utility and aesthetic value. Bi-fold doors provide an attractive and an extensive field of view while offering several configurations that suit different climatic situations. They also promote inclusiveness between spaces, especially between an outdoor porch or patio and an indoor living area.