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Why Should You Have Your Sliding Glass Door Tinted?

by Landon Ferguson

Having the windows of your home tinted might not seem necessary, but there are a whole host of benefits that come along with having this very quick, easy, and cost-effective process conducted. Unfortunately, part of the home that can benefit hugely from tinting is often overlooked: the sliding glass door.

Add to your privacy

One of the main reasons why people forget to consider their sliding glass doors as a candidate for tinting is that these are doors, not windows. However, they are still doors made entirely of glass, and the fact that they form a means of entry into the house makes the additional privacy that comes with window tinting even more advantageous. You can use several tints that allow an unobstructed view from the inside but a blocked view from the outside, just as you would see in a luxury car. You'll be able to look out, but neighbours and passers-by won't be able to look in.

Prevents bird strike

A secondary benefit of making your sliding glass doors less transparent from the outside is helping to prevent birds from flying into them. This is a common problem when dealing with larger panes of glass since birds are less able to tell the difference between them and open sky, and it can lead to anything from large smudges to cracked panes.

UV protection

Of course, the most compelling reason to have your sliding glass doors tinted is that you'll drastically reduce the amount of UV light that enters the property. Many parts of the country face plenty of sunlight all year round, and that sunlight contains UV rays that can cause skin cancer and age the skin. While outside, you'll wear sunscreen to protect yourself. While inside, you might forget about the need to cover up.

This can be particularly problematic when dealing with sliding glass doors since they let a lot of light into the home, so it's a very wise move to have them tinted. As well as protecting your own skin, you'll protect your furniture and carpets from fading.

Energy efficiency

Windows are far less energy-efficient than walls, so fitting sliding glass doors can significantly raise your monthly energy bills. However, you can alleviate that issue and reduce your monthly costs by having your sliding glass doors tinted. Heat will be deflected from the glass instead of streaming right through it, so your air conditioning system won't have to work as hard to keep your home cool.