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Reasons Double-Hung Windows Are the Perfect Window Solution for Your Home

by Landon Ferguson

When building a new home or renovating one, choosing the right windows can be overwhelming because of so many options available in the markets. Double-hung windows however, are a great option you should consider having. These windows come with two sashes, which slide down or up over each other. This allows you to open both sashes at the same time or one at a time. Double-hung windows come with many benefits that make them an ideal choice for your home. Read on to find out.

Enhanced Ventilation

Double-hung windows will improve the ventilation of your house. Besides, they will allow you to control the ventilation. Usually, effective and maximum ventilation occurs when a room has both an inlet and an outlet for air. By opening both the top and the bottom sashes, you are creating two openings (the inlet and outlet) where the stale and warm light air inside your home can exit through the top opening while the cool and denser air comes in through the lower one. Your ventilation will increase with the size of the double-hung window. Improved airflow with double-hung windows also helps regulate your indoor home temperature.

Ease of Cleaning

The ability to tilt the sashes makes it easy for you to clean both the exterior and interior of your windows from inside the room. For ease of cleaning and inspection of certain movable parts on the window for repair, some double-hung windows come with removable sashes. Exterior parts of a window can be hard to reach, especially windows on a second storey. For this reason, safety may be a concern when ladders have to be used to access such parts. Double-hung windows eliminate such risks.

Ease of Air Conditioner and Screens Addition

If you have window air conditioners or screens that you intend to install on your windows, double-hung windows will make the process hassle free. This is because these windows don't slide to the side or crank out, which is unlike their casement window counterparts. Therefore, when you install your air conditioning unit or window screens, they will be held safely. Besides, you can add or remove these fixtures when necessary.

While double-hung windows have these benefits, they tend to come with more airtight issues when compared to their fixed or casement counterparts. For this reason, when choosing double-hung windows, make sure you go for those with weather-stripping option. This will help keep them airtight and prevent air leaks that can reduce their energy efficiency.