How to Have Amazing Windows on Any Budget

How to Give Your Home More Privacy

by Landon Ferguson

Maintaining privacy is an important issue in many Australian homes. Although most suburban dwellings are set back from the road, centrally-located homes tend to have windows that overlook one another or, in many cases, can be looked into from street level. There are plenty of ways to keep your home looking light and airy on the inside without allowing passers-by to see inside. Let's take a look at some of the most popular options used in Australia these days.

Film Coverings

Glazing is principally installed in homes and offices to allow light in, so pulling the curtains across during the daytime is not really a desirable option if you want a bit of privacy. However, the use of frosted window film gives you the best of both worlds. Unlike curtains, they don't prevent sunlight from entering your home, but they do stop people being able to see in.

Once it has been carefully peeled from its backing, obscuring film is simply stuck onto the inside of your window fitting's pane. Air bubbles can be brushed out using a stiff brush and you can remove the film at a later date if wanted. Anyone passing by will only be able to see shadowy shapes with no details or definition if they look in. This method is often used for the lower portion of the window, with the top section remaining untouched, thereby providing the maximum amount of light to come in.

Smart Glazing

A more expensive option than film, smart glazing is so-called because it can change its function at the flick of a switch. Designed to prevent homes from overheating in the strongest sunlight, smart glass works much like a pair of sunglasses.

When turned on, you can still see out from your window, but anyone looking in the other direction cannot. Although this sort of glazing uses an electrical power source to switch between modes, very little power is consumed once this has been carried out meaning there are few on-going costs to factor in.

Textured Windows

The use of textured glazing is nothing new in Australian homes. Most dwellings have a textured window in the bathroom, for example. If you want to prevent people from being able to see what you are doing inside, but still allow the sun to come in, then textured glazing may be the best option. Reeded and swirled glass is popular, but there are many other design options, too, such as rolled patterned glazing.