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The Different Kinds of Window Films Available for Home Window Tinting

by Landon Ferguson

Homeowners have different motivations for wanting to tint their home windows. Some of the common reasons why many people invest in home window tinting include adding privacy, improving aesthetics, protecting the interiors of the home from direct sunlight, improving comfort, and so on. No matter the reason why you want to tint your home windows, you should first understand that not all window tinting films are made the same.

Here is a breakdown of a few window tinting films available on the market for homeowners to choose from.

Dyed window tinting film

If what you are looking for is the cheapest window tinting product for your home, look no further – dyed window tinting film is the best choice for you. As its name implies, this type of a window film is made by adding certain kinds of heat-absorbing dyes to a polyester film. The heat that is absorbed by the film does not buildup inside the home and cause indoor temperatures to go up. Instead, the heat is transferred to the glass, and then quickly dissipated outside. 

Because it provides the darkest appearance, dyed window tinting film is favoured by homeowners who want to add privacy to their homes. This kind of window tinting film does not contain any metal, thus they will not interfere with any electromagnetic transmissions in the home. 

Metallised window tinting film

Here, the polyester base of the film is embedded with various kinds of metals. The metallic look makes the film have reflective qualities, but also excellent heat rejection ability. The metal layer also helps block harmful UV light from entering the home. Because it comprises a special scratch coat, which is applied onto the polyester to protect the metal, metallised window film is generally thicker and thus offers better scratch-resistance than dyed window film. The only major problem with this type of film is that it tends to interfere with electromagnetic transmission. 

Ceramic window tinting film

For those who have extra to spend and are looking for the highest quality tint for their home windows, ceramic window film is a great investment. This kind of window film contains special types of ceramic particles that can maintain their exact colour and look for several years. Ceramic window tinting film will not darken residential windows like dyed film, and it will not be reflective like metallised film, but it will offer the most attractive appearance.