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Three Things You Can Do to Lengthen the Life of Your Blinds

by Landon Ferguson

Blinds are one of the most popular window coverings used in Australian homes. The beauty of blinds is that with a little pull of the strings, you can let the daylight into the home. On the other hand, when evening comes, you simply draw them and get complete privacy. Blinds come in a variety of designs and materials. The best way to acquire blinds for your windows is by having them custom made for your windows. However, if you want a long service from your blinds, you have to invest in proper maintenance. Here are the maintenance procedures you should always remember.

Always Keep the Blinds Dry

It is normal for moisture to settle on the window blinds. This is common in houses where the windows haven't been well-insulated. Moisture usually condenses on the glass panes and on the blinds and any other materials adjacent to the window. With time, this moisture will lead to mould stains, rotting and other moisture-related damage, depending on the material of the blinds. Also, always remember that the best way to clean the blinds is by wiping them with a moist and damp cloth. Always ensure that the blinds dry up whenever they come into contact with moisture to avoid damage. You should also avoid the use of detergent and other cleaning products when cleaning your blinds.

Let a Professional Repair Stuck Blinds

One of the common problems that arise during the life of the blinds is when the blinds start getting stuck. This happens when there are problems with a particular part of the blind mechanism. One of the hacks that people swear by is oiling the parts in an attempt to make them start moving smoothly again. This is wrong as it ruins the mechanism. Always call in a blinds expert to help with repairs whenever your blinds get stuck.

Protect Blinds from Mould

Another thing that you need to be careful about is the formation of mould on the blinds, which is a common problem. Keeping blinds dry is one sure way to prevent this from happening. Also, work on improving the general ventilation in the house, because this will decrease the chances of moisture getting trapped in the house.

These are simple maintenance tips that can lengthen the life of your window blinds. Most importantly, remember that when you start with superior quality blinds, you will get better service and longer life out of them. 

For more information, contact a blinds supplier.