How to Have Amazing Windows on Any Budget

A Window of Opportunity – 6 Ways that Tilt and Turn Windows Keep Your Pets, Kids and Finances Safe

by Landon Ferguson

When renovating your home, it is generally a good idea to ensure you strike a healthy balance between safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal. For instance, if you have children and pets, their safety should be just as important as cost, style and colour scheme. This is especially true where windows are concerned.

According to a recent study, over 5000 children suffer injuries each year in the US after falling through open windows. Pets too are at risk of falling through open windows. However, during a baking Aussie summer when you're trying to cut down on air con use, leaving your windows closed isn't an option.

That is why tilt and turn windows might just be the all-in-one solution you need.

No Need to Invest In Window Cleaners

Tilt and turn windows swing inwards. This means cleaning them is a simple matter that doesn't require you to fork out money for professional window cleaners. Both sides of the glass are easily accessible from the safety of your home.

You Don't Have to Risk Your Life Cleaning Second Floor Windows

Likewise, you won't have to risk your life climbing ladders to wash second-floor windows.

Burglars Cannot Access Your Home via These Windows

Because tilt and turn windows only open 10 cm at the top, they offer security against would-be burglars or home invaders. This makes them an ideal option for ground floor windows.

Your Pets Stay on the Right Side of the Glass

As mentioned earlier, pets, especially cats, often stray too close to the edge of open windows and end up falling out.  That risk is negated with tilt and turn windows.

Your Kids Can Enjoy Fresh Air Without the Risk of Falling

You also don't have to worry that your children might be hurt falling from open windows. Tilt and turn windows can be tilted 10 cm at the top, meaning children are safe should they wish to look outside.

Tilt and turn windows can also be customized with a number of fittings to ensure children cannot open them while parents are not around.

They Work in Harmony with Insect Screens

In general, standard casement windows swing outwards, meaning you need to lift the insect screen in order to open them. Tilt and turn windows open inwards, and this means you can install external insect screens that never have to be moved, meaning no risk of insects finding their way into your home to cause havoc.

Although tilt and turn windows are more expensive than standard sash, casement or sliding windows, they offer the safety and security of hopper windows, whilst giving you the unique ability to clean them from inside your home. With your windows open but secured, you'll never have to worry about the safety of your kids and pets again.